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Beef on Weck

Beef On Weck
Beef on Weck

The beef on weck, also known as a beef on weck Buffalo, is a beef sandwich found primarily in the Buffalo, New York area. What is a beef on weck? Sports 365 Bar and Grill is glad you asked.

beef on weck buffalo
Beef on Weck Buffalo

Beef on a weck is meat on a kummelweck roll that is typically thin cut and served rare. Kummelweck rolls are topped with kosher salt and caraway seeds, which gives the sandwich its name “Weck” and a distinctive taste. Some beef on weck recipes include the top bun getting a dip in au jus and spread with horseradish. The sandwich, along with Buffalo wings and sponge candy, is one of the three best-known food specialties of Buffalo.

The history of the beef on a weck recipe is not clear. Many believe that the beef on weck predates the beginning of the Buffalo wings craze in the 1960’s. It is thought that William Wahr, a German baker, is credited with creating the kummelweck roll while living in Buffalo, New York. Then a local bar owner is said to have used the roll to create the first beef on weck. He thought that by adding the salty top on the roll, it would make his customers thirsty and they would purchase more drinks.

beef on a weck
Beef on a Weck

Where can you get a beef on weck near me? Looking for a recipe for beef on weck? Sports 365 Bar and Grill has one of the best recipes for beef on a weck. Located in Cheektowaga, NY right next to the Buffalo Niagara International Airport. From time to time, Sports 365 gives away FREE beef on wecks. Keep checking back for the next free beef on a weck giveaway.

Beef on Weck is a popular sandwich that originated in western New York State, particularly in the Buffalo area. The sandwich is made with thin-sliced roast beef, which is usually cooked to medium-rare, and served on a kummelweck roll.

The kummelweck roll is a crusty, caraway-seed-studded roll that is similar to a Kaiser roll but with a slightly softer texture. The roll is typically dipped in au jus or beef broth, which softens it and adds flavor. The sandwich is often served with horseradish and mustard, and sometimes with a side of french fries.

Beef on Weck is a beloved regional specialty and a must-try for anyone visiting the Buffalo area. try one at Sports 365 Bar and Grill.